On symmetry of Birkhoff-James orthogonality of linear operators

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Jadavpur UNiversity


A bounded linear operator $T$ on a normed linear space $\mathbb{X}$ is said to be right symmetric (left symmetric) if $A\perp_{B} T \Rightarrow T \perp_B A $ ($T \perp_{B} A \Rightarrow A \perp_B T $) for all $ A \in B(\mathbb{X}),$ the space of all bounded linear operators on $\mathbb{X}$. Turnsek [Linear Algebra Appl., 407 (2005), 189-195] proved that if $\mathbb{X}$ is a Hilbert space then $T$ is right symmetric if and only if $T$ is a scalar multiple of an isometry or coisometry. This result fails in general if the Hilbert space is replaced by a Banach space. The characterization of right and left symmetric operators on a Banach space is still open. In this paper we study the orthogonality in the sense of Birkhoff-James of bounded linear operators on $ (\mathbb{R}^n, |\cdot|_{\infty}) $ and characterize the right symmetric and left symmetric operators on $(\mathbb{R}^n,|\cdot|_{\infty}).$