Certain geometric structures of $\Lambda$-sequence spaces

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Indian Institute of Carpet Technology, Chauri road, Bhadohi-221401, Uttar Pradesh, India.


The $\Lambda$-sequence spaces $\Lambda_p$ for $1< p\leq\infty$ and their generalized forms $\Lambda_{\hat{p}}$ for $1<\hat{p}<\infty$, $\hat{p}=(p_n)$, $n\in \mathbb{N}_0$ are introduced. The James constants and strong $n$-th James constants of $\Lambda_p$ for $1<p\leq\infty$ are determined. It is proved that the generalized $\Lambda$-sequence space $\Lambda_{\hat{p}}$ is a closed subspace of the Nakano sequence space $l_{\hat{p}}(\mathbb{R}^{n+1})$ of finite dimensional Euclidean space $\mathbb{R}^{n+1}$, $n\in \mathbb{N}_0$. Hence it follows that sequence spaces $\Lambda_p$ and $\Lambda_{\hat{p}}$ possess the uniform Opial property, $(\beta)$-property of Rolewicz, and weak uniform normal structure. Moreover, it is established that $\Lambda_{\hat{p}}$ possesses the coordinate wise uniform Kadec--Klee property. Further, necessary and sufficient condition for element $x\in S(\Lambda_{\hat{p}})$ to be an extreme point of $B(\Lambda_{\hat{p}})$ are derived. Finally, estimation of von Neumann-Jordan and James constants of two dimensional $\Lambda$-sequence space $\Lambda_2^{(2)}$ are carried out. Upper bound for the Hausdorff matrix operator norm on the non-absolute type $\Lambda$-sequence spaces is also obtained.