Compact and ``compact'' ‎‎operators ‎on ‎standard ‎Hilbert ‎modules ‎over ‎‎$‎C^*‎$‎-algebras

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‎We construct a topology on the standard Hilbert module $H_{\mathcal{A}}$ over a unital $C^*$-algebra and topology on $H_{\mathcal{A}}^{\#}$ (the extension of the module $H_{\mathcal{A}}$ by the algebra $\mathcal{A}^{**}$) such that any‎ ‎"compact"‎ ‎operator‎, ‎(i.e‎. ‎any operator in the norm closure of the linear span of the operators of the form $z\mapsto x\left<y,z\right>$‎, ‎$x,y\in H_{\mathcal{A}}$ (or $x,y\in H_{\mathcal{A}}^{\#}$)) maps bounded sets into totally bounded sets.


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