Hardy-Littlewood inequalities for multipolynomials

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‎Federal University of Paraiba‎, ‎Brazil


‎The notion of multipolynomials was recently introduced and explored by T‎. ‎Velanga [‎Linear Multilinear Algebra‎. 66 (2018)‎, ‎no‎. ‎11‎, ‎2328--2348‎] as an attempt to encompass the theories of polynomials and multilinear operators‎. ‎In the present paper we push this subject further‎, ‎by proving Hardy--Littlewood inequalities for multipolynomials and‎, ‎\textit{en passant}‎, ‎a variant of the Kahane--Salem--Zygmund inequality in this framework.


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