Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 4 - Serial Number 6, Autumn 2017, Pages 396-583 (This issue has been completed.) 
4. On symmetry of Birkhoff-James orthogonality of linear operators

Pages 428-434

Puja Ghosh; Debmalya Sain; Kallol Paul

7. On skew [m,C]-symmetric operators

Pages 468-474

Muneo Cho; Biljana Nacevska-Nastovska; Jun Tomiyama

8. Pseudospectra of elements of reduced Banach algebras

Pages 475-493

Arundhathi Krishnan; S. H. Kulkarni

9. 2-Local derivations on matrix algebras and algebras of measurable operators

Pages 494-505

Shavkat Ayupov; Karimbergen Kudaybergenov; Amir Alauadinov

12. Stability of the cosine-sine functional equation with involution

Pages 531-546

Jeongwook Chang; Chang-Kwon Choi; Jongjin Kim; Prasanna. K Sahoo